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World leading quality from a trusted brand. Clean, healthy, great-tasting water anytime.

Commercial Installations.

We are able to provide Doulton water filters for commercial premises. 

We have provided inline filters for a number of catering establishments on Lanzarote. Supplying filtered water for coffee machines, ice machines, cooking and of course drinking.

The cost savings in using filtered water over bottled water in a commercial environment are phenomenal.


Is it difficult to install ?

No we can normally install an in line filter system within the hour and replace your filters in a few minutes every 2300 litres.

Case Studies

Le Moka cafe/bar in Playa Blanca contacted us to discuss the possibility of having a water filter fitted to his coffee machine. David the proprietor was particularly concerned about the taste as he prides himself on the quality of his coffee. 

We did a months trial with our Duo system and David was delighted with the taste and very pleased with the savings made. He was buying 20 x 5L of a good quality bottled water a week at 20 cents a litre. His filtered water is only 3 cents a litre making a monthly saving of over 100.00.

La Bocaina wanted to know if it was feasible to supply filtered water to their ice machine and have a tap to draw water for their coffee machine, drinking and cooking purposes. 

We fitted three filters in line to supply the ice machine and a separate tap. Paul and Nina were delighted at how crystal clear their ice was and pleasantly surprised that all this water was costing them only 90.00 per quarter. 

How much does it cost ?

Based on normal consumption it will cost approximately 3 cents a litre to have all the fresh, clean and safe water for all your drinking and cooking needs.

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