Doulton Water Filters Lanzarote

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World leading quality from a trusted brand. Clean, healthy, great-tasting water anytime.

Why would I want a water filter?

The tap water in Lanzarote is considered to be safe to drink, however most people agree that it doesn't taste that great.

Many of the  properties here store their tap water in an Aljibe (well) before pumping it into the house. So whilst the water that arrives in the aljibe may be safe to drink, there’s no guarantee that it will remain so after sitting underground for some time.

Bottled water is fairly costly at around 20c a litre a family of four could easily spend €30 a month. Businesses spend significantly more than that.

You have to carry it home and then store it. Bottled water is often imported and the empties have to be disposed of, all of which isn't great for the environment.

Is it difficult to install ?

No we will normally install a compact water filter unit in less than an hour. The filter housing is a small compact unit which fits neatly under your sink. 

We will visit every six months to change your filters.

How much does it cost ?

Based on normal consumption it will cost approximately 3 cents a litre to have all the fresh, clean and safe water for all your drinking and cooking needs.

Contact us now for a quotation : E-Mail Tel: 661 041 155