Agua Clara Marketing

Products you need at prices you can afford.

Agua Clara marketing was founded in July 2010 by Ray Allum and Jen Gardiner with the aim of bringing innovative products to market in Lanzarote.

After three years of research the first product launched was the world renowned Doulton water filter

The Doulton ultracarb water filter gives you fresh, clean and safe drinking water direct to your tap for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.


In December 2012 with the threat of losing "free to air" channels and after extensive research we decided to import a set top box and launch

The set top box simply plugs into your router and television and you can watch live U.K. T.V. with an easy to use remote control.

You can catch up with all your favorite programs for up to 14 days and you can record programs you want to watch on our servers and watch any time within 30 Days


We are continuously looking for new and innovative products to bring to Lanzarote. If you would like to be the first to hear of our new products and any special offers please register your interest here.

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